Empowering Change: The Rise of Megan Pickles in Lancaster's Business Scene

Discover the inspiring journey of Megan Pickles, a young businesswoman from Lancaster, who has been recognized for her exceptional contributions to the business world. Explore her impactful achievements and the words of appreciation from her colleagues.
Empowering Change: The Rise of Megan Pickles in Lancaster's Business Scene

Young Lancaster Businesswoman Wins Top Regional Award

In a remarkable achievement, a young businesswoman from Lancaster has been honored with a prestigious regional award for her outstanding contributions to the business world. Megan Pickles, the project manager for The Growing Club CIC in Lancaster, has been recognized as one of the top young talents in the county.

Megan’s journey to success began when she joined The Growing Club in 2022 as a trainee, following the completion of her Master’s Degree in Sustainability and Environmental Management at the University of Leeds. Driven by a passion for social change, Megan quickly rose through the ranks and was promoted to project manager within just over a year.

Megan’s Impactful Achievements

During her tenure at The Growing Club, Megan spearheaded several initiatives that showcased her dedication and leadership skills:

  • Fundraising Success: Megan successfully raised substantial funds from local companies through the Auction of Promises, providing crucial seed funding to support women on benefits who aspire to start their own businesses.

  • Community Engagement: She managed Angels Den, facilitating connections between aspiring female entrepreneurs from The Growing Club’s Roots and Shoots program and the local business community for skills development and support.

  • Social Welfare Programs: Megan played a pivotal role in leading the NHS-funded Winter Survival program, offering vital support to over 100 women during challenging times.

  • Advocacy for Women: Through securing funding from Rosa, a grant-making charity, Megan initiated a campaign to empower neurodivergent women and promote talent in the workplace. This effort culminated in the successful organization of the first Neurodiversity in Women Conference in Lancaster.

Words of Appreciation

Expressing her elation at receiving the award, Megan shared, ‘Getting this award is amazing. I’ve learned invaluable lessons working at The Growing Club alongside remarkable women, and one key takeaway is the power of effecting change from the community upwards rather than top-down.’

Jane Binnion, the managing director at The Growing Club, commended Megan’s growth and resilience, stating, ‘We are immensely proud of Megan. Her confidence has soared during her time with us, and she now recognizes and harnesses her strengths with newfound belief in her capabilities.’


Megan Pickles’ remarkable journey from a trainee to a celebrated project manager exemplifies the spirit of determination and commitment to social impact. Her story serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and advocates for positive change in the business landscape.

For more information on the Lancashire Business View Sub36 Ones to Watch Awards, visit here. Explore the impactful work of The Growing Club by visiting their website here. Learn more about the University of Leeds, where Megan pursued her Master’s Degree, by clicking here.

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