Gardening Under the Cover of Darkness: Stacey Solomon's Nocturnal Adventures

Stacey Solomon takes her gardening routine to new heights, literally, as she roams around her vegetable patch at night to protect her children's veggie delights from slugs.
Gardening Under the Cover of Darkness: Stacey Solomon's Nocturnal Adventures

Gardening Under the Cover of Darkness

As the sun sets and the stars begin to twinkle, many of us retreat to the warmth and comfort of our homes. But not Stacey Solomon, the Loose Women star who has taken her gardening routine to new heights - or should I say, new lows? In a hilarious video shared on her husband Joe Swash’s Instagram account, Stacey can be seen roaming around her vegetable patch in the dead of night, armed with a large head torch and a determination to protect her children’s veggie delights from those pesky slugs.

Stacey Solomon takes gardening to new heights

“I’ve lost my evenings with my wife to a bunch of slugs,” Joe joked, as Stacey rummaged through the vegetable patch, pulling off slugs from the plants. But Stacey was not having it, shooting back, “You think this is a joke, right? But what do you call that?” as she held up a particularly plump slug.

Stacey Solomon’s nocturnal gardening adventures

As the video progressed, Joe watched on from the comfort of a cozy fire pit, tutting and exclaiming, “What is she doing?” But Stacey was undeterred, driven by her mission to protect her children’s vegetable patch from the slimy invaders.

“Are your babies all tucked in and ready for the night ahead?” Joe asked, referring to the vegetables. And Stacey’s response? “Behind every kid successfully growing veg is a mum protecting their patch,” Joe said, as Stacey finally headed inside to bed, victorious in her slug-banishing quest.

Stacey Solomon’s top gardening tips

But Stacey’s gardening adventures don’t stop there. Earlier in the day, she shared how she scrubbed her patio clean and got her table and chairs out ready for summer. “I decided to clean up the area by the patch and put our table there so I can stalk the veg,” she said.

Stacey Solomon’s patio cleaning tips

Fans of the Loose Women star flooded the Instagram post, suggesting methods Stacey could use to banish slugs from the veg patch. And Stacey’s response? “This is just how I spend my evenings now.”

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