DIGGING DEEP: Stacey Solomon's Garden Transformation at Pickle Cottage

Stacey Solomon's garden transformation at Pickle Cottage is an inspiration to us all. With her own digger, she's creating a stunning pond and showcasing her impressive DIY skills.
DIGGING DEEP: Stacey Solomon's Garden Transformation at Pickle Cottage
Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash


As the seasons change, many of us are eager to get our hands dirty and start digging in the garden. For Stacey Solomon, that means transforming her garden at Pickle Cottage into a stunning oasis. With her own digger, Stacey is taking matters into her own hands and creating a beautiful pond.

Stacey Solomon gets to work on her pond creation

In a fun video, Stacey showcased her digging skills, moving huge piles of dirt to create her posh pond. Her partner, Joe Swash, was impressed by her skills, saying, “Look at that bucket! No messing around.” Stacey’s determination to create her dream garden is inspiring, and her DIY skills are truly impressive.


Stacey’s love for gardening is no secret. She’s willing to go to extreme lengths to keep her garden looking pristine. In a hilarious video, Stacey was seen running around her vegetable patch in the pitch black, sporting a large head torch. Her partner, Joe, joked, “I’ve lost my evenings with my wife to a bunch of slugs.” But Stacey’s dedication to her garden is admirable, and her efforts are truly paying off.

Stacey Solomon’s dedication to her garden is inspiring


The pond is just the latest renovation update for Stacey and Joe’s dream home, Pickle Cottage. The couple has splashed out a massive £1.2 million on the Tudor-style Essex property, which boasts an outdoor swimming pool and 2.5 acres of land. Stacey’s DIY skills have been put to the test, and her hard work is truly paying off.

Pickle Cottage, Stacey and Joe’s dream home


Stacey’s garden transformation is a labor of love, and her dedication to creating a beautiful outdoor space is inspiring. As we head into the new season, Stacey’s garden is a reminder that with hard work and determination, we can create our own little slice of heaven.

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