Stacey Solomon's Thrilling Addition to Pickle Cottage

Stacey Solomon's latest addition to Pickle Cottage is a thrilling zip line that brings endless joy to her family. Read all about her DIY adventure and how it's brought her family closer together.
Stacey Solomon's Thrilling Addition to Pickle Cottage
Photo by Johnny Cohen on Unsplash

Pickle Cottage Gets a Thrilling Addition

As a seasoned DIY enthusiast, Stacey Solomon has always dreamed of having a zip line in her garden at Pickle Cottage. And now, she’s finally made that dream a reality! Alongside her husband Joe Swash and their kids, Stacey has installed a 50ft zip line that spans from tree to tree, bringing endless joy to her family.

A zip line in a beautiful garden setting

In a recent Instagram post, Stacey shared a video of her family trying out the new addition, saying, “Honestly, this has been a dream of the kids, and quite honestly mine & Joe’s forever.” She expressed her gratitude for having the space to make it happen and for finding a small business that could install it safely.

A happy family enjoying quality time together

Stacey’s enthusiasm for DIY projects is well-known, but she admits that installing a zip line is more complicated than it seems. It requires a deep understanding of maths and physics to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Luckily, she found a reliable business to take care of the installation.

A DIY project that brings people together

The addition of the zip line has undoubtedly brought a new level of excitement to Pickle Cottage. It’s a testament to Stacey’s creativity and dedication to creating a fun and adventurous environment for her family.

A beautiful garden with a zip line


Stacey Solomon’s latest addition to Pickle Cottage is a reminder that with determination and creativity, we can turn our dreams into reality. The zip line is not only a thrilling feature but also a symbol of the importance of family bonding and creating lasting memories.